Ride to Lake Harris Hideaway via Cherry Lake


I enjoy scouting new roads, and they are difficult to find sometimes because what seems like an interested road at one point ends up nowhere, or ends up as a dirt or gravel road, and on a cruising or touring motorcycle, those roads are not the best to travel.

This route begins in Apopka, Fl., heads westward, then to the south on some great roads with curves and nice scenery through some wine country. Then, back out onto a highway taking you northward to Lake Harris.

I wish I had taken more photographs along the way, but it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the ride too much to make stops. Next time, and there will be a next time, expect more photos from the road.

Ride Safely,


IMG_3023 IMG_3030

IMG_2406 IMG_2410 IMG_2419 IMG_2408


One thought on “Ride to Lake Harris Hideaway via Cherry Lake

  1. Great page Spider. I Love going on this ride with you, Linda and Susan. Lots of good memories and this is what motorcycle riding is all about. Keep up the good work.

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