Why doing almost anything is better than Facebook

facebook%20logoA few years ago when I began a Facebook page the experience seemed more pleasing than it does today. Posts seemed to be more personable, positive and pleasing, but that is quickly changing into something else. The folks who run Facebook attempt to collect too much personal information while placing limits on editing abilities, users post negative political ads, insulting photographs – often edited by a Photoshop-type program that depicts something as real that is not; false information runs rampant on Facebook. Having been a journalist biased or false information is just not acceptable to me because some people believe everything they read; if they read it, it must be true. I question nearly everything I read because I understand the pen is mightier than the sword.

Facebook still has its positive attributes, but the negative has begun to outweigh the positive, and as everyone knows when you put more into a relationship than you get out of it, it is probably time to move on.

Facebook is a convenient way of keeping up with family and friends, but it’s become too convenient. We used to visit friends and family or call them on the phone and have a conversation, but the social media has removed that personal touch from communication and made it a public spectacle for others to watch, read and judge. I’m sure we’ve all posting things we later wish we had not, but that’s all part of the game because we too easily get caught up and begin to mimic what everyone else is doing. We post things just to be posting things sometimes. Where we are, what we are doing, no matter how personal or mundane it may be; I’ve done it and so have you.

What all this says about who we’ve become is not pretty. I have found myself spending three to four hours a day on Facebook reading senseless, useless and time-wasting posts others have made out of boredom. Some posts are entertaining, some posts are even informative, but for the most part it’s nonsensical gibberish that does little more than eat up your time.

I had a life before Facebook and I kept a lot more of it to myself; I liked my life better that way. I will miss knowing every time one of my children has a bad day, is out drinking or has accomplished something positive. However, if they really wanted to share those times with me they would call, send an email, write a letter, etc., not post it on Facebook for all the world to see.

So, I’m going back to living my life in a real an honest fashion. I have nothing to prove to anyone and if someone really cares to get in touch with me they probably know how to do it. I’m going to start reading again like I use to do, blogging again, riding on a nice day instead of sitting in front of a computer, working in my shop in the garage, visiting people, talking to people on the phone more often and leading a real life, a more quality life, one that does not include our so called social media.

If you know me well enough and care to see me, you know where I live. If you don’t know where I live maybe you should make the effort to find out. You can also call or text me (although I would prefer a phone call). My email address can be found on this website.

Someone thought they had a good idea when they created Facebook, and it’s been useful in many ways, but at the same time it has taken a certain amount of humanness out of us all. We’ve been reduced to the lowest common denominator; I am more than that.


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