Three dumb monkeys


monkeysHuman communication is, perhaps, the most misunderstood issue of our time. Communication between people is underused, overused or abused. When we talk, we talk too much. When we listen,  we hear only what we want to hear, and even our eyes deceive us because the rest of our senses are not tuned into what the eyes are seeing.

Family communication is likely the most honest form of all communication. Within the family we say what we want, hear what we must and see with our eyes wide open because we have nothing to fear. Nothing coming out of an Uncle’s mouth will surprise you and you love him anyway because you see beyond his thoughtless words. He may have been there when you were born, helped you learn to ride your first bicycle and defended you; he’s family. The same goes for your mother, father, siblings and cousins. They may be full…

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